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👋 Welcome to our registration link. Pop-Up events are held in the Virtual Market Days Facebook Group. Small businesses and vendors are welcome to join this event to promote your products or services. This FREE event will run through the end of February. Once you register, you are free to start posting! All vendors / products/ postings have to be family friendly.


Use FreeSassyShipping at checkout to cancel out shipping fee. Refunds for shipping fee will no longer be issued as we are charged a fee to refund.


This event is fast paced and requires vendors to have adequate computer skills. Computer technical support and / or Facebook support is not offered.


Each business / vendor is responsible for marketing their own products. SassyWinks does NOT assume any responsibility or guarantee of sales. Vendors are responsible for collecting payment from buyers and arranging to ship or deliver goods. Each vendor is responsible for collecting and reporting sales tax and for following any state regulations in their respective area of sales. Fees are non-refundable.


No limit on number of vendors. Duplicate vendors are allowed in this free event.


SassyWinks reserves the right to delete any product posts if distasteful or not up to quality standards. Please note, we do not grant Moderator or Admin privileges to businesses / vendors. No scheduling of postings allowed. This is a private online event.


SassyWinks is not responsible for reminding vendors of events, the group is posted below and all details are above.


Join group here》》

FREE Pop-Up Virtual Market Days (Ends Feb 29)

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